Boğaziçi University has, jointly with Yeditepe University and the support of the German Senior Expert Service (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the University of Leipzig, undertaken the project of archiving Fuchs’ collection of documents and making it accessible to the general public. The collection comprises not only his correspondence from 1934 until his death (more than 5000 letters), but also translations, unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes, poems, musical compositions, and an impressive corpus of drawings, sketches, and paintings of artistic as well as sociological significance.
The Traugott Fuchs collection was archived and cataloged by Suzan M. R. Kalayci MA (BU), guided by Prof. em Dr. Gerald Wiemers (Leipzig). Online Copy of  Document Catalog available at Cataloging of paintings, sketches and photographs in course.

Since October 2012 the archive is closed for renovation.